Dual monitor support timeline

I almost never run a computer with a single monitor, in fact most of time have more than 2. Also i don’t know anyone else with a tower that doesn’t use dual monitor or more. Now that lwjgl 3 supports such things, will jmonkey?

I really don’t want to get stuck with bunch of code that doesn’t in fact work in 90% of what i consider standard use cases. Without going into the code myself, is it just a matter of upgrading to lwjgl 3?


Do you live in an alternate universe?

I don’t follow? Dual monitor support is not working my current SDK.

lwjgl3 is I think available as optional. take a look at github.

What bit is it you want dual monitor support for? The IDE/SDK or your application you are building with JME?

The lwjgl3 module currently doesn’t expose any monitor selection support and I don’t know what the timeline for that would be. The SDK on the other hand might support opening files in several windows but I don’t know as I don’t really use Netbeans.

I will look into the git hub for lwjgl 3. If its there, adding a few custom lines for other monitors may not be hard.

I would like multi monitor support for the games. In particular i don’t want it getting confused about screen resultions and full screen just because 2 screens are attached. But also would like full dual+ monitor support.

Thank for the help.

when I run my jME games, it’s in 5760 x 1080 pixels.
I simply use NVIDIA surround software, which is included in the drivers.

And this is exactly what i don’t want. I want proper “go full screen on monitor 1 or 2” or a have 2 full screen windows etc. The spanning window thing is not what most of my users will want. My target audience is on high end PCs.