Dumb question: what is JGN?

Okay sorry for the dumb question.

I know it's called Java Game Networking and i found the link to your forums


But after severel minutes of searching here and in the other forums, i couldn't manage to find anything like a sticky thread or a homepage link or something that contains "What is JGN, what does it so far and what are its current features" or a documentation. Only threads to single features.

I encounter this very often on the web: Developers posting the link to the finished next version of their project, but when first time users look at it, they can't find basic information of it. At least not without extensive searching.

Maybe I was just blind (good chance :D). But if not: do you have any link with basic info and features?

Would be very nice :slight_smile:

ask darkfrog  :smiley:

cssharp said:
ask darkfrog


Paigan said:

I encounter this very often on the web: Developers posting the link to the finished next version of their project ... <snip>

If it happens often then darkfrog can't have done it.  If he started doing things everyone else did, people might start to think he's normal!  :-o


- Chris

Psssst! He could have read that  }:-@


I know that is something that’s been needed and I’ve sort of been holding off on getting a web site completed for Captive Imagination since I have been trying to get time to complete http://www.jseamless.org version 1.0 and then use that to create the web site, but I think I’m going to have to break down and just do something temporary.

However, the wiki has some information on features:


Also, just for you I’ve just throw this together:


It’s really quickly hacked together but hopefully it will be sufficient to get you started and feel free to post in the forum if you have any further questions beyond that.

Thx very much.

If you did it just for me ;), i'll read it through completely now

in that table you say explicit support for:

  • Graphical Positioning Synchronization
  • Physics Synchronization

    does it include Audio Synchroniziation too?

Audio synchronization…not sure what you mean.  If you mean streaming audio then yes there is support but not direct support yet.  There is support for streaming, so you can work with it, but I'm planning on adding streaming audio features soon.

No, not audio streaming.

i mean synchronization of audio effects to other players… for example

if you walk from behind a player, the player in front of you does not see you, but needs to HEAR your footsteps.

if sounds are not reliable synchronized some players would have an disadvantage.

in many ego shooters, gamer know where the enemie is coming, only from hearing the sound effects.

I admit I'm pretty much a newbee :smiley:

But wouldn't that more like be an application-specific task for the server to tell the client "you hear THIS sound THAT loud".

Does the networking framework really have to cover things like that on its own?


Audio should be client only if you ask me.

To take your example, the server would sync the players and the client would always play the footstep sfx at the players current location.  Hence the audio would automatically be in sync as the players locatoins would be kept in sync by the server.

  • Chris

These guys know what they're talking about, listen to them. :wink:


darkfrog said:

These guys know what they're talking about, listen to them. ;)

Well obviously  :P

- Chris


Darkfrog how did you make that site for JSeamless ? It's some kind of CMS system ? It looks awsome !.

It's actually made using jSeamless.  jSeamless is a UI abstraction framework for Java.  The site is using the Flex implementation.

Thought you would say that…pretty neat.