Dynamic Mesh Cut-Away

I have a scene with many meshes layered on top of each other.

The user wants to mouse over areas with a magnifying-glass-like tool to cut-away at that area and see what is underneath. I need to do this programmaticly with all meshes (I can’t just swap static meshes on the scene)

How would I be able to achieve this effect using JME?

See image to illustrate concept.

basicly, I’m trying to have an automatic cutaway that many CAD programs have.

like this? jmetest.renderer.state.TestClipState

That's almost exactly what I'm looking for! Thanks!

I only just looked at it, but I see this is a clipping plane. Any thoughts on clipping 'spheres' or clipping spatials?

Sometype of ZBufferState Manipulation would do it, but might get a bit complicated.