Dynamic Splines

Hi! I want to make dynamic (moving, changing) energy lines. Basically these be splines, mainly for display in 2D (no worry for 3rd dimension), something like this:

I found the Curve class which can help to build CatmullRom but looks like it does not really do much else - no dynamism, no aid in creating a 3d mesh (I imagine the mesh to be a series of chained polygons).

What advice could you give to create such splines more effectively with JME? My current thought is to use the Curve class to build points on the spline and then expand some polygons over these points… besides, I will have to completely rewrite the Curve class to make the mesh dynamic… But maybe there’s a better way already? Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!

don’t make the spline dynamic, create the entire spline once and then move geometries on that spline to make the effect of a changing line.

But the spline needs to be dynamically flowing like umm snakes or something…? :slight_smile: