Easiest way to load android assets

How can i load the assets like .obj models in android. AssetManager and adding global path to model doesn`t seem to work for me.

Just have them on the class path… Or use a proper SDK-made project :stuck_out_tongue:

But the project dosent seem to genereate assets.jar. Any ideas?<br /> If i will have one, then how to add it to the classpath?<br /> It makes me wonder, wouldnt it be enough to add assets.jar to the libs, and add specific path to assetManager?

Create a new project, you broke something if assets.jar isn’t created.

It`s strange, becous adding the test data library works, and the models load normally, but adding assets.jar changes nothing and my models still aint visible…


Ok seems to work now, all i needed to do is convert the .obj files to .j3o binaries. Now i have a problem with to large bitmaps exceeding VM memory in my phone. Now its time to compress them :wink: