Easy start of a jME program in Windows

What is the easiest and most convenient way to start a jME program in Windows?

Currently I use a batch file with the command line that sets all the necessary parameters and this could as well go into a shortcut. On the other hand I thought about having a launcher program that could check for the necessary jar libraries and warn if something is missing or in a wrong version without bothering a user with stack traces that might be more confusing than helpful.

Something like a shortcut to:

java -jar gamelauncher.jar

that sets all necessary parameters and then loads the real main class.

If you distribute your application online, you could look into webstart.

You could try JSmooth (http://jsmooth.sourceforge.net)… it creates an exe wrapper for your Java application. I used it once for something else (not a game) and did not have any problems with it.

I recently used a demo copy of jExePack (http://www.duckware.com/jexepack/index.html) to wrap up a jmetest app.  You might look into that.