Easyest way to texturize an object?

Hello there.  :mrgreen:

Im new on jMonkeyEngine and into moddeling. Ive actually drawn a simple tree using the jMonkeyEngine shapes, but i wish to know how could i texturize that easyly, for example exporting the 3d model on a 2d surface so i could draw it, then how could i do that back to the model.

  An easy example would be a tree with a single sphere and a cilinder. Im not familiarized with 3d moddeling tools, ive tryed 3ds max and it was too hard to make something on it.

Well bad new is there is no better way than model programs (even they suck I know)

Howecer you can try several simpler ones, I myself found deled for some simple models quite usefull, it also has a orge plugin.