Eclipse and netbeans combinable when developing?

For Android developement eclipse seems to be better. But for 3D developement with jME3 netbeans is better.
So can I do the 2D GUI things with eclipse and the 3D Viewports with netbeans, and then put both sources together in eclipse or netbeans?

You don’t really want to use any Android-specific idioms like “Activities” etc. in your game, because you cannot transfer these to other platforms like iOS. Thus most of the additional tools Eclipse brings to the android table won’t help you much anyway.

As for the question you’re asking, its answered in the manual, you can use Eclipse for code and the SDK for assets. To keep the options of the SDK for deployment (like iOS, Applet etc.) you can import a SDK BasicGame project as an ANT project to Eclipse and only do the coding in Eclipse, then still deploy using the SDK.

But as said, if its about the additional Android features, they don’t help you much with a game project and if its about you being used to Eclipse, you can change the keyboard shortcuts of the SDK to work like Eclipse, that should give you back your coding edge.

Thank u.
I searched for that in the docs, but didn’t found.