Eclipse based Jmonkeyengine ide development

Hi all,
i think it will be awesome if this comminity sometime prepare an official jme ide based eclipse beside this netbeans based ide. i guess the popularity and usage of jmonkeyengine twice itself in a short period of time… But what evereybody thinks about this differs of course…

Theres absolutely no reason to implement something twice just because of fanboys. When the SDK was concepted it was still open. Nobody did anything with Eclipse so here we are.

Despite that it is not a big deal to use eclipse for the programming part. Just import the jme jar in your project and everything works fine.

Combining Netbeans and Eclipse in the same project is also possible. I’m using the SDK for all asset related stuff and eclipse for programming and building.

At last there is one reason that is definitely against a dual way: plugin development. Everybody can write extensions for the jme but if half of the community uses eclipse and the other half Netbeans you would have to develop your plugin twice.


i’m fine with eclipse too, only convert assets with sdk.

It’s kind of funny… I’ve always found it weird to care so much. For example, I don’t get upset when my “IDE of preference” doesn’t have Photoshop or Blender built into it. I just run the tools I need to do those jobs. I don’t mind running the JME SDK to SDK-related jobs.

I started to make an analogy of my wood shop. Wood workers don’t get upset that their drill press won’t cut strips of wood. There are different tools for different jobs.

…then I realized that I may not be the best person to comment since I sometimes take this to extremes. For example, I bought more than one circular saw once because I got tired of swapping blades. I have two routers (three up until recently), more hand sanders than I can easily count at the moment, etc…

I only wish they were all as easy to put away as an application. :slight_smile: