Eclipse build problem


the problem is I can build the jars from cvs without any problem but I want the javadoc or the .java files as well in the jars.

Because it is easier to know what a function does if you get the information from the help.

When i edit the build.xml to not exclude the .java files it ignores this command.

Maybe someone has an idea?

Thanks so far


Configure your IDE to use a project/module dependency instead of the jars or attach the jME source folder as source for the jars.

I really would like to do that, but

this will be a team project and one person should build the jars on which the others should work.

So no one except one should have the sources directly.

We thought we use jME a a depending library for our project with no actual source present.

The Ant build file in CVS has a target for javadoc. You can also modify the build file to not exclude .java files when packaging (I believe there's even a comment about that in the file).

…and btw: what does all this have to do with eclipse ?  XD

First i tried to change the build.xml file a mentioned above and it does nothing,

if i uncomment the exlude it still excludes it.

Second I wrote this in combination with eclipse because I am using eclipse and it maybe easier to track my mistakes if i mention it.

I nearly forgot it does not create the javadoc because of the fork command in the xml file


/home/…/jME/build.xml:117: The <javadoc> type doesn't support the "fork" attribute

I think those (the "forks") were recently added (by irrisor?). You can remove the fork=true from the javadoc tag in build.xml. Then it works here. (edit: this is now in CVS as well)

You can also try commenting out the

<exclude name="**/*.java" />

on line 42.

That should get the .java files included in the jar.

without the fork you have to raise the available heap memory for ant itself to get the COLLADA classes processed without an OutOfMemoryException

edit: forget what I said - javadoc always forks

but collada classes are generated, right? is there any need for javadoc for such classes? i'd rather say they should be excluded.


We should still really put those generated files in a .jar

do you mean the javadocs for the collada classes?

No, I mean the .class (& .java if you like) files based on the COLLADA schema should be in a seperate jar in ./lib. They're machine generated anyway… This will reduce build times by quite a bit.

that makes sense if those files don't change


sorry for aksing so much stupid questions, but

it still does not work if a use the current checkout in the jars are still not the .java files and

the exclude clause is uncommented