Eclipse Democamp New York

We are presenting the current state of RiFiDi Designer at the eclipse democamp in new york.

I will try to incorporate as many references to jme as possible  :smiley:

Somebody on the board from that area?

Cool, good luck with your presentation!

Very cool! Make sure you get someone to record your pres. :slight_smile:

I am very sorry for the late reply.

After the sumit development hell broke lose, I also returned to Germany, ended up in hospital and had a general sucking time.

The sumit was great (anybody who has the chance to attend one: do it!! Eclipse pays the drinks!), we got to see a lot great software and people were generally impressed how jmonkey and our app performed.

Since then I had to take a little break to recover but in the past few weeks we managed to get my backlog done.

All code is now in googlecode, it's refactored and fully documented (EACH class, eat this jmonkey  ;)).

I am currently working for our presentation on the RFID conference in Las Vegas (we are applying for that best of show thingy), so a lot new things will get into the next release.

We are alos compiling a whole tutorial on multithreading + jmonkey + eclipse.

I will also start working on the eclipse plugin again, as I had said before. and I will try to get the discussion for that going as soon as possible (if the others didn't already start on that, man, there is a hell of a lot of posts to read).