Eclipse Helios + jme3


has anyone tried Helios (eclipse 3.6)and jme3 ?

yesterday I reinstalled my computer and downloaded eclipse (I thought it was still galileo (Eclipse 3.5) )

after I made a new user library and add jme3 (in short I did the same like I did with galileo)

but it didnt work. now I am back to Galileo and it works

both helios and galileo use the same jme3, the same workplace and what i did was also the same

in attachment I can see the difference of 2 jme library, but dont know why.

has anyone meet this problem yet?

As far as I can see, you've only added jMonkeyEngine.jar to the classpath in the second picture, but in the first one, there are a load more jars… that seems like it might cause a problem?

I'm using 3.6 but I check out the source via svn; it works fine though. :slight_smile:

Have you got nifty-1.2-SNAPSHOT.jar in the Helios install as well?

It isn't shown in the picture.

in Galileo  I always create a new user library and add jmonkeyEngine3.jar file

then whenever I create a new Project I just have to add that library to the project and everything works

I get all the jar files like in first pic

in helios I did the same but get only jmonkeyengine3.jar, I think that is why it doesnt work, like Infernozeus said

if I use zathras method : instead of attaching the library I define (add Libraries), choose the attach external Archives, then I will get every jar files and everything works @Tumaini I get the nifty-1.2-SNAPSHOT.jar if I use Zathras method

I dont know why my method doesnt work anymore …

anyway, as long as I stay in Galileo my method will work, so I'm ok for now

and Helios works with Jme3 (through svn + zathras method ) ^^

Smells like … the JAR isn't being marked for export from your project.

(See attached image)

Maybe the default behaviour was changed between 3.5 and 3.6. I can't say I've noticed any difference between 3.5 and 3.6 so … if 3.5 works for your needs - stick with it and spend your time on more interesting things (like development!)

Well I have no problems using eclipse helios with jme3