Eclipse issue

Ok, its an Eclipse issue but I thought I'd ask here since a lot of folks seem to be using it.

Basically in working on my game, I created a new class in a package in my games project.  It worked fine.  But now its silently having a ClassNotFoundException when I try and create a new object.  I can only see this if I use the debugger and attempt to step into the class' constructor.  Very odd.  Project builds fine, both in automatic build and by doing a clean and rebuild manually.  Class file is on the harddrive, no errors are detected.

Anyone see something liket his?

I'll assume a few things:

  • you're debugging via the normal Eclipse run/debug menus
  • the ClassNotFoundException is on one of your objects and not java.lang.Object
  • you're not using a custom classloader

    That's really odd, first thing I'd probably do is go to the Run/Run… menu and delete the entry you're using to start your app. After that, try running your app again and create a new default config. My shot in the dark is that your runtime classpath entries were altered.

Yup to all 3 things.

I didn't think of that, but I'll give it a go.