Eclipse Jar "strange physic behavior"

Inside Eclipse the jME3 Application works fine. When I use it inside an executable Jar, only the first CollisionShape works, the second miss parts and all other CollisionShapes are “Ghost Objects” (no physic collision with JBullet Objects).

I add CollisionShapes one after another. Could it be, that the CollisionShapes aren’t fully created? Hope someone can help me! Thx


On few occasion I miss a CollisionShape inside Eclipse as well!

Sounds more like a thraeding problem to me when its so indeterministic, after the big physics changes there were some problems, but they affected all physics objects, replacing their collisionshape.

So normen, what do you suggest? :slight_smile:

About what big physics changes are we talking?

Can you create a test case for this problem?

Yes, but I apply the PhysicNode in the main-thread update methode. The creation of the CollisionShape is in another thread.

Physics changes are outlined in the latest blogpost, I suggest that the problem is probably in your code, the problems in the physics have been solved. Do you have any threading going on?