Eclipse, jME 2 snapshot build jar and lwjgl problem (windows)

Try going into the java build path, under properties for your java project, and click on the lwjgl jar and set the native library location. You will need to take the directory path to your operating system lwjglnativeyour operating system.

Sorry about these noob questions, but this is my first project using java/jME :slight_smile: (I’m a C++/Ogre3D developer,

I think I’m doing the correct, but it doesn’t work, this is my project properties configuration:

An this my vm argument:

And C:/jmonkey/lib/natives files:

So… what’s the problem?


I am a noob to using jME.  This is the easiest way I have found to use the snapshot build and eclipse.

  • After downloading, extract the files to the location of your choice.

  • Create your Java project in Eclipse.

  • Right click on your project, select Properties and then select Java Build Path.

  • Click the Libraries tab, and select Add External Jars.

  • Scroll to the directory where you unzipped the snapshot build and add the jME_2.0 jar.

  • Select Add External Jars again, and scroll to the same directory and add all jars in the lib folder.

  • Expand the lwjgl jar and double click on the Native library location.  Set the location to the natives folder from the download.

You should be ready to program.  Good luck....

This is exactly what I've done, but it doesn't work.

It compiles fine, but when I want to run the program I obtain the java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no lwjgl in java.library.path… exception.

Any ideas about how to fix it? It's driving me really crazy!

please post a screenshot of your Java build path in eclipse


Looks fine for me. But have you tested with the slashed as instead of / in the natives path? Only difference I can see compared to my project.

Are you using a 32 or 64 bit jre?

if you really don’t want to complicate your life with build paths, i made a really simple tutorial on how to set up jME the-easy-way here:

I've created a new test proyect, follow the tutorial step by step but the problem persist… I think I'm going to switch to NetBeans or another IDE, it seems that eclipse won't work!

OK, my recommendation is to use SVN and download the latest version of JME2. So you know for sure that all parts are correct.

I've finally switched to NetBeans and it works as expected :slight_smile: