Eclipse + JME latest git clone + thanks!


I was having some issues like graphics glitches, lights, fps, at jme3.0 that I am not having at jme3.1a1+[updates from git]! (I read I shouldnt do that but… I like the results very much!)

I use eclipse, and I would like to share what I did, and also to know if there is a better way to do that (something that have a chance to cope with the simple install of another release)?:

  1. get all sources “jme3-*-sources.jar” for all jme3 libs that you used in your project (they are all at .classpath file)

  2. extract all these source jar files to ./src

  3. copy from the JME git clone, only the files matching the extracted ones, overwriting. They are all spread in several “java” paths. (btw this very good organization of yours helped a huge lot, I used a script on linux to do the job!)

  4. add all the jme3tests

  5. remove all JUnit and Android related files (and other files that may break) (of course if you have not the libs to supply these dependencies). I had to remove these:


The project JME31 used as dependency to your project, will now fully compile without errors!

A better way for use jme with eclipse? Maven

  1. download latest from here:
  2. extract
  3. add jMonkeyEngine3.jar (or only libs that are used) to your buildpath
  4. enjoy

I use it in eclipse,

Add eclipse plugin at this location in the subprojects block which is already present.
then run gradlew.bat eclipse
it should create you a ton of .prject and .classpath files, after this you can just import it from eclipse as normal projects.

subprojects {
apply plugin: 'eclipse'

Its an Eclipse sickness really that people include projects with code instead of just including libraries…

Didn’t get your comment… I use eclipse, and you can add references to third party libraries both as direct reference to the jar, or as an user library. However, if you get access to the source code, why not use it? At least as an extra source for reference… And also because eclipse generates the javadoc for a source code file automatically and place it as a helper popup for you…

I have modifications in jme, actually I build it to my own artifactory and consume it from there.
But somewhere I need to adjust it as well.

(Also your post was rather useless in the context of this post, this was neither the question, not constructive)

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Maven artifacts contain source and javadoc as well and they get linked the same way without having an eclipse project as reference. Its a sickness because it doesn’t work outside of Eclipse, only Eclipse users do this and often times they even make open source projects depend on this way of embedding libraries.

I hope this is constructive in terms of Eclipse users revising this kind of project setup.

It all depends on the users. I use Eclipse and @DannyJo use IntelliJ and we have no problem when it comes to sharing code and build directly after pull.

IDE specific project files are however never committed into git.

I looked there, and the latest to the date is ?

I had to use the latest from git, because of this: Jm3.1 : Only AABB supported for now
that got fixed on the git head

IDE specific project files are however never committed into git.

I would strongly encourage you to reconsider that practice if you intend to allow contributors. It is very easy to set-up Eclipse project files in a way that can be checked into Git properly. Very little “Workspace” confiiguration needs done that isn’t checked into Git if you do it properly.

Just run:
$ mvn eclipse:eclipse
Or simply import as a Maven project (I prefer the former though)