Eclipse Plugin for jMe?

As I have been playing around with jMe I have come up with a couple of ideas for an Eclipse plugin:

  • Model loader/viewer - would allow Eclipse to open any model type supported by jMe in a viewer window (probably just a SimpleGame or something)

  • Model compiler (?) - would allow right click on any model type supported by jMe to convert it to .jme file.

Do these sound useful and/or is there anything already out there or in the works that I can contribute to regarding this?

I will start putting something together and post more information once I have something working.

yeap sounds very usefull

You might consider collaborating with MonkeyWorld3D.  If that were put into MW3D instead it seems a bit more useful to me.


I will have to look into that… it does look like MonkeyWorld3D is based on Eclipse, so the plugins should work in both places… I will have to see though.

I actually hacked out the basic functionality for both of the features I mentioned today and it all was fairly straight forward. Getting it into a presentable format will take much longer, I'm sure… :slight_smile:

Right now I have it converting 3ds files to jme files and you are also able to view 3ds files in a simplegame window by right clicking on the 3ds file… what took the most time was figuring out how to get the native code into a plugin.

I will try to get something for people to play with sometime next week… I will post then.


Actually, I think MW3D is using SWT but is not built on Eclipse, just some of the same technology used to build Eclipse.


Well basically we use the eclipse SWT, Jfaces, etc libraries.

We did not build MonkeyWorld3D as a RCP appliction, but rather made it


And yes, it should be fairly easy to add your model viewer into the editor without any

big issues.

The only reason we have not implemented MW3D as a Rich Client Platform was because

we which to keep the app small in size.

The core build for a RCP was about 5Mb without any coding.

Just a little update for anyone interested in this plugin… I am setting up a project site for it:

It's just a placeholder right now, but it's where you want to keep an eye on if you are interested.

This is actually turning out to be an interesting way to learn both eclipse plugin development and jMe development. :slight_smile:

(In case this plugin is still under developpment…)

If you want, you can also open your model preview in a SWT window (directly in Eclipse) instead of a SimpleGame instance.

Code for SWTDisplaySystem is available here :

Of course you lose some of the benefits of using SimpleGame as you have to reimplement input handling, etc. (easy though)