Eclipse question


I'm finally switching to eclipse from Notepad and a Command Prompt!!! should be good.  I've got jME and jME physics uploaded via CVS, and built with ant (all in Eclipse)… harder the first time through, but it'll be real easy in the future.  I'm having trouble running the programs in jmetest however… how do you go about doing this in Eclipse??? I tried the Run As -> Java Application, but got a popup saying 'The selection does not contain a main type' … if this is about a file having the Main method, I really don't know why Eclipse is saying this, because the files I'm trying certantially do have one.

Anyways, I'm sure someone out there can help me out.  Other than that Eclipse has been great so far… btw, what is SWT and JUnit???



Hi, for eclipse let me point you to this Thread -->

If you are following the instructions carefully you should ba able do run the demos.

The other questions: SWT is the windowing system that was implemented to support eclipse. Its a replacement for AWT/Swing. It is not implemented complete in Java but uses the system widgets. So its more performent as Swing but not really system independent. But there exist implementations for linux, windows, mac etc. so its not really a problem.

JUnit is a tool every java programer should know (and I think use it, two). You can use it to test your program. You write automatic tests that you can rerun to verify that your program is correct. If you change your program, rerun the tests and see if you have something broken. For more information look for keywords: "Extreme Programming", "Test First Programming" "Junit" or and especily .

Hey Arne,

I wouldn't necessarily say that SWT is a replacement for Swing, but rather an alternative that is useful in certain circumstances. :wink:

As far as JUnit I agree that every programmer should know and utilize it.  However, I would say that Rational Unified Process is a much better pardigm than Extreme Programming. :o


Hmm, I saw that thead yesterday... wish I'd read it sooner, oh well
Thanks alot!!!, I'll be sure to look into JUnit