Eclipse tut needs an update

im pretty sure it needs a big update cause wut its sayin and wut the reall thing is like changed alot since 3.0.


Update it then  :slight_smile:

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You mean the setting up jME with CVS etc in Eclipse? It's like the best tutorial out there, screenshots for every action… etc. based on the latest Eclipse too.

Or what tutorial do you mean?

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thanks for being a smartass

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yes i mean that one i downloaded 3.2(there latest build) and when reading the tut nuhtin is the same from wut i can see


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thanks for being a smartass

No problem! It's practically my MO  :wink:

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to Gentleman Hal:
thanks for being a smartass

@vash: there's no reason to be rude. the wiki is there for reading _and_ editing

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edit: i just downloaded eclipse 3.2.1 and went trough the visual tutorial: it's up to date.

vash: what's the link of the tutorial you are using?

you should be looking at this:

I agree that the tutorial is correct and well done. However, I do have a small issues (It’s probably due to a fundamental lack of knowledge on my part) with the section Viewing Documentation in JARs Would someone be willing to add a screen shot or two? I can’t seem to get this part right. I got as far as compiling with source but i can’t figure out how to actually add the source to a class. Thanks or any and all help.

yes the section is a bit confusing. what the person writing the "Viewing Documentation in JARs" section meant was "Adding Source Files to the JARs" and "Viewing Source Files from JARs".

he actually describes how to add the source files to the same jars which contain the class files (yuck!) and how to tell eclipse where to look for the source (the same jar file) in case attempt to open a .class file.

to set the the source for a jar after adding it to the classpath, you would have to simply right-click on it, select properties, go to the "Java Source Attachment" section and then select the file (jar or zip) or folder containing the source. you can do the same thing in Project -> Properties -> Java Build Path -> Libraries (each jar has a "Source attachment" property which you can edit).

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