does anyone know of any good zip archive repair tools, I just spent 8 hours downloading eclipse 30M7 and what I assume, is the heart of the program refuses to leave the damn archive and I would really like to avoid doing it again.

What program are you using to unzip it? What error are you getting when you try to unzip it and these files refuse to extract? I don’t know of anything to repair a zip offhand, but you might try using a different unzipper.

dont quote me on this, but if eclipse uses MD5 sums, download md5summer and check the sums against the one on the site. If they dont match, that means that the download is currupt!

Another Linux invention!

I decided to try again this tmie I downloaded the source build, I still get unzip errors, I tried both winzip and winrar. I know its not the zip program because I downloaded extracted and run it in the office.The only thing I can guess is that the problem may stem from the way my download manager is handling it, but if I dont use one I’m looking at ten to sixteen hours.

I,ll try again after the 20th “dont ask”.

thanks any way!!

If you were able to download and run at the office, do you have a CD burner at the office? That’s what I did, since I too am in the horrid world of dial up.