Has anyone else had to odd problem with eclipse simply not wanting to load for set periods of time. I've been having the problem since I started using eclipse but i always over looked it, however its beginning to become increasingly annoying not being able to use eclipse at certain times. Sometimes the splash screen loads the progress bar fills but then nothing happens and other times it simply I guess randomly crash even when their isn't any files open. Has anyone else had a similar issue

I have not. Maybe you should try replacing it with a new copy of the latest version.

Maybe its some plugins you are using? Most problems can be fixed, if you use another (clean) workspace.

I actually ended up redownloading eclipse a couple of different times, So maybe it is a plug-in issue ,however the only plug-in i use is the subclipse for SVN downloads. I'll have to redownload eclipse right now however as I'm unable to start it at all in the past 3 days. thx for the replies though

Try re-installing java as well.