[ED] - Exodus Defence

[ED] - Exodus Defense

Project name: Exodus Defense

Game type:  Vehicle based third person shooter



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License:  Code is GPL v3. Content in the playable distributions remains copyright of the respective authors.

Recruiting  No

Contact:  contact@calefay.com

Status:  Active development

Used API’s:


Momoko’s texture splatting


Exodus Defence is a testbed game based on a scriptable shooter engine.

Action is mission based, with varying environments and objectives (for both success and failure). Missions are generally either defensive, turret based or offensive, aircraft based. The player may have more than one available vehicle depending on the mission and can switch between them at any time. Almost all aspects of the game are defined by human readable text files - from mission objectives, scripts and dialogue to weapon and unit stats. Even the models and artwork can be easily changed.


In the past few years, the laws of physics have subtly and inexplicable changed. This is leading to ecological disaster, and our planet will not be able to support life in the near future. In a desperate bid for survival, every available resource was poured into the development of a giant spacecraft. This vessel would carry as many as possible to the stars.

Little did we know that as we worked tirelessly for the salvation of our race, the other major power was planning our destruction. As we began transporting people to the orbitting vessel, we came under relentless assault. Our forces, already a bare minimum and almost all involved in the evacuation stood no chance. To make matters worse, some of the enemy appear to be of alien origin.

Now, hopelessly outgunned we have fallen back on disused bases and outdated equipment. All we can hope for is to delay the enemy long enough to get the last, essential supplies into orbit.