Edit: Attaching RigidBodyControl and GhostControl to each other

EDIT: Sorry, I meant RigidiBodyControl object and GhostControl object instead of “rigid body” and “ghost object”. Can you somehow attach these to each other with a joint?

Hey, I have a lot of stuff going on, on the screen. Like creatures which have a mouth. A creature should only be able to hurt another creature by touching it with its mouth (mouth-creature collision). I have no idea how to solve this problem the best (the fastest). I thought about using a ray, but the creatures are spread all over the screen. So there would be a lot of collisions and I don’t want to check for collisions by brute force. Any ideas? :slight_smile:

(The creatures are basically build up on rigid bodys. I also thought about attaching a ghost object with a joint to the rigid body where the mouth is and add a collision listener. I don’t think that’s gonna work though, because joints can only attach rigid bodys to each other I think.)