Edit panels

Hey folks,

I'm working on the particle editor and I've got this idea to break up the editor panels into classes that other people could use in their own apps.  I'd like to put those into a package like jmex.editors.swing.effects or the like.  (RenParticleEditor would stay where it is and simply use those classes.)  I think it would be interesting to eventually offer up several such editor panel classes for various parts of jME.  If you've seen the shadow tweaker on the shadow tests, I picture being able to throw something like that together for quick visual monkeying around inside your own app (or using them in a level editor, model visualizer, debug tool, etc.)

Anyhow, thoughts on the matter, the appropriateness of the package in jmex, and so forth?

I'm for it! :o

…not much more to say on the subject at the moment, but will probably comment more later.


sounds good to me.

what's the planned design with the connection between the panels and the effects/features in question?

would be great fun to find a nice way of easily making your features "panel enabled" etc.

also, it would be great to package things up on a lower level as well, like valuepanels etc that you have in the particle editor. find different sets of general editorpanels that comply to 3d editing, a sphere/ball rotation control(dunno what you call it), translation levers wihtout bounds.

another nice thing would be to find out how to easily show different debug outputs in 3d, and make that easier than today

a probably strange thing comes to my mind: what about using the Savable interface for that? You could 'save' to gui and restore from gui :smiley:

There would be some problems with this (order, evolution etc.) but it would be really cool when things that are Savable could also be edited with those panels.