Editing CharacterControl capsule in SceneComposer


When editing a model in SceneComposer and adding a CharacterControl to it, I see the wireframe of the collision capsule. However, I am unable to scale it independently of the model in the editor directly. Is this something that can be done in the SceneComposer?

I don’t know if and how you can change collision shapes in the SDK actually but scaling will only scale the model (as the collision shape is a different concept and in most cases you don’t scale them either but just set them directly right).

What you can always do is construct a BetterCharacterControl in Code (as the tutorials do them), because at some point you need to control the control using code anyway, so you could also setup the character radius.

If not, check the Properties Window when selecting the control, maybe it shows a radius field. For General Physics Objects, Collision Shapes may not be supported, by since I don’t use that part I can’t tell you

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