Editing models in scene explorer?

So I am a bit confused on how something works. I have combined parts of the walking character tutorial and the TestOgreAnim test.

I am wanting to add in a gun to the walking character tutorial and have it actually work like a gun.

So far, I have been able to successfully import a 3d model of a gun. I thought I had done the animation control on it correct at first but now thinking back I think that the Ogre should have skeletal control and then I add the gun to his hand right? I was wanting to take advantage of the scene explorer because I just saw the tutorial on how to just attach a weapon there…however since I am using the models in the library, it looks like I can’t edit them there. How can I import the library models into my project?

And once they are there, if I do edit placement in the scene explorer does it automatically update my code?

Thanks guys–I’m learning :slight_smile:

Someone posted something similar to this earlier:


Yes! It’s awesome, but when they start out the video, the model has already been copied into or imported into their project. I attempted a not so smart way and just copied the files over but it doesn’t recognize it as an actual model. And if I turn it into a jme binary, then I think I have two copies of everything and it just doesn’t seem the right way to go about things…I guess I just can’t figure out if I can import models into the project straight from the libraries? I couldn’t find them anywhere on my drive…

Yes you convert them to j3o, else you cannot save any of the things you do. The other formats are interchange formats and the files are excluded from the distribution. The manual contains all this information. Press F1 to access it.