Editing other's classes

Hey guys, we are starting to get to the point where now and then we will be adding functionality to exisiting classes, classes that person may not have originally written. Here’s how I’d like to handle it, feel free to shoot it down.

  • Add yourself to the author tag.
  • add a regular comment (outside of the javadoc, but at the top) with:

    EDIT: DATE - DESCRIPTION (or something similar).

  • Read the existing comments carefully, and correct them to reflect any changes you have made.

    We need to be careful about the javadocs and stuff because we could easily reach the point where editing a file causes some comments to be just plain wrong.

    Any additions/subtractions to this?


Sounds good to me.

Actually, we should probably do this whether we originally authored the class or not.

Good point. Let’s all try to do that.

how are you going to restrict us if I may ask? I dont want to do anything malicious or anything, dont take me wrong, but are we going on trust ?

Well, it’s a purely documentaional so trust will work.

oh right…i thought you were trying to restrict authorisation to write to certain files. like com.jme.math.line can only be written to by you! ://

I would also suggest that people add descriptive CVS commit comments - even if it’s just a copy/paste from the in-file description. I’d like to be able to see what was added and when at a glance, especially when reverting to an eariler version. Other than that, I agree completely.

(Oh, yes, and do be sure that you check for any conflicts before comitting to CVS - it creates untold havok. <- The Voice of Unfortunate Experience)

Also true, and also something I need to start doing more of. I’m too used to doing all this just for myself, so I need to get into the mode of informing others.