Editor freezes when copying or saving


I have a weird problem where the editor freezes for about 2 to 3 seconds every time I copy some text in it with ctrl+c or ctrl+x. Keyboard and mouse input still works while frozen, for example I can scroll or type and after the freeze ends, I can see the changes in the editor.
The freeze also occurs when trying to save non-java files like material definitions, although not every time. But when it occurs, the file is not saved at all.

The weirdest thing about it is that since I installed the jMonkey IDE, my original netbeans IDE that I have for some time now does the same thing!

Needless to say, this is a little disaster for me, please help me get rid of this :’(

What OS are you using? Whats the output of the SDK when this happens? Make sure the settings folder of the SDK and the project folder are writable by your user and not owned by admin or something like that.

I am using Windows7, there are no exceptions thrown by the SDK and i have read/write access to both the settings folder and the project folder. I’ve tried the troubleshooting tips to no avail, and now I have the feeling that whatever caused this has corrupted my system. I purged my system from all Netbeans and jMonkey suff (including settings), reinstalled Netbeans and the issue is still there…

I think I need a clean OS reinstall…

If the system corrupts from running an app then it has some problem to begin with…