Editor: jMonkeyBuilder

jMonkeyBuilder is an alternative editor to work with graphics in jMonkeyEngine 3.

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looks very interesting :smiley:

updated the first post

updated first post to ver.0.1.1

Nice, PBR preview

updated the first post


  1. Models loader

  2. Need to have the ability to create PBR materal and model preview at the same time. For now you have to save your changes in material if you want to see effect of tweaking.

  3. Parameters slider (sliding parametres like in blender - hold left click - drag slider) or add Ctrl+wheel parametres slider.

  4. Add music files in asset browser (?)

updated first post

updated first post

Need to add more scroll levels for material editor

Now it is impossible to explore texture, because last scroll level is this:

If you scroll once more, you will go into model, so it is impossible to explore small details on the texture.


Is there an option to run in full screen mode?

I can add this option :smile: but this fullscreen will be like in games.

I work on a notebook pc … and a single 1366x768 display is less than satisfactory for a “window-only-mode” app that has a view port and a parameter editing panel on each side. Full screen mode would maximise the useable real estate in the app itself and I can Alt-Tab between apps as needed. Makes sense to me. :smile:

People with three 4K monitors probably won’t need full screen mode. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for being like in games, its worth a try … I think.

updated first post

In blender, shortcut for panning is shift+middlemouse button.


Nice … it’s running full screen now.

Are we encouraged to make a wishlist? If so … here is mine.

  1. A button to close the app so I don’t have to use Alt-F4 (in full screen mode).
  2. An option (selectable) to save workspaces so that the last models reopen automatically when reopening the app.
  3. Undo function … to undo unintended deletes of nodes / spatials, reverting parameters and so on. Prolly more involved to accomplish right now, but maybe something cool to think about for a release further down the track.

Implementation a undo operation is difficult. jME SDK use the solution of NetBeans.

Undo and redo is easy with the right pattern btw. I use that for my inhouse TDD workshop using jME to have a not too simple case else people think that TDD is only possible for trivial stuff :smile:

I got it from this wonderful book (the link points to the right chapter) Command · Design Patterns Revisited · Game Programming Patterns

A really amazing pattern and you have the redo for free. I also plan to put a java impl with explanation on my blog :smiley:


updated the first post

Updated the first post:

ver. 0.4.5
-Added the text editor for GLSL with highlighting.
-Added the reloading materials when change shaders.
-Updated the logic for change of material type.
-Fixed problems with menu bar.
-Added the action for closing editor to menu bar.
-Added tooltip with fullpath for root folder in asset tree.
-Added the action for reopening last asset folders.
-Implemented the saving of opened files.
-Updated the jME to alpha 3 with PBR.
-Migrated the editor from LWJGL 2.9 to LWJGL 3.0
-Added the combobox with Queue Bucket for model of material preview to material editor.
-Implemented the save on ctrl+S hotkey.

Generic version: https://yadi.sk/d/7yhdKZccqBpqM
Debian based version: https://yadi.sk/d/EzV9PexuqBpqq
Windows x64 version: https://yadi.sk/d/H8GPpA0VqBprG