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OP delivered

I have added showing statistics in the 0.9.6 version.

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Implemented the first part of scripting:

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fixed in the version 0.9.6

ver. 0.9.6
-Updated jME libraries.
-Updated LWJGL libraries to 3.1.2 version.
-Added support the AssetLinkNode.
-Added DE language.
-Added auto checking new versions of the Editor on application start.
-Added a button to show/hide render statistics in the model/scene editors.
-Changed the logic of using material names in exporting materials during converting models.
-Implemented the first part of scripting. Added scripting panel to the model/scene editor.
-Fixed some bugs.

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Have you faced this problem?. Or is it just me having it?

I haven’t found any problems with it, but I will recheck it.

so, I wait for yours feature requests in the butbucket :slight_smile:

It’s to me?. I’m not sure which feature request you are talking about :sweat_smile:.
The problem I mention there is more a jme3 issue (isn’t it the intended behavior of a linkedasset to have their meshes shared?) than an editor feature.

It’s to all readers of this topic :slight_smile:

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I understand this, I will check this case and if I find some problems, I will try to fix it and make a PR.

I have started to work on painting tools grasses/trees on terrain :slight_smile:



which libraries do you use to make grass and trees?

Just posted an issue on Bitbucket, I seem to be getting an error regarding the loading of j30/j3s that have soft particle emitters.

ver. 0.9.7
-Fixed some bugs.

Guys, I have prepared an infrastructure to implement object painting, but I don’t know which libraries do you use to make grass/trees :frowning:

I don’t know that it’s possible using a single implementation. There are several that all take a different approach.

My personal approach would be to take a look at how paul added grass. His implementation takes a mesh and decides based on the angle whether or not to place any grass, but you can add your own too. I added a noise function to it to create areas where there was none or very little grass. It made for nice “paths” to walk through. You could use something similar to “paint” the grass - maybe using an array of some sort.

The whole class I linked to is important, but the line I linked to is where the decision is made as to whether or not to place a grass blade there.

I can add integration with IsoSurfaceDemo, you will can work with objects from these libraries, what do you think about this?

Wow that was quick. There was a plugin called the forester a while back: