Editor: jMonkeyBuilder

ver. 0.9.7
-Fixed some bugs.

Guys, I have prepared an infrastructure to implement object painting, but I don’t know which libraries do you use to make grass/trees :frowning:

I don’t know that it’s possible using a single implementation. There are several that all take a different approach.

My personal approach would be to take a look at how paul added grass. His implementation takes a mesh and decides based on the angle whether or not to place any grass, but you can add your own too. I added a noise function to it to create areas where there was none or very little grass. It made for nice “paths” to walk through. You could use something similar to “paint” the grass - maybe using an array of some sort.

The whole class I linked to is important, but the line I linked to is where the decision is made as to whether or not to place a grass blade there.

I can add integration with IsoSurfaceDemo, you will can work with objects from these libraries, what do you think about this?

Wow that was quick. There was a plugin called the forester a while back:

A while ago I made a library based on @pspeed IsoSurface library that you can find here.


I don’t know if it’s going to be of any help and it only support Grass. But you might be able to find some ideas. You can PM me if you want some explanation.

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I have prepared toneg0d.emitter to use with Gradle/Maven:

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I have prepared also my fork of the library to use JavaFX in the jME to use with Gradle/Maven:

This library works with LWJGL3 and jME 3.2


Will it work with java 9? If yes, how did you manage to bypass the deprecated methods from java 8 for context creation?

Which context?

The library to get more effective integration your controls/filters/etc with my editor.

Quick question, are there any examples on how to use the jme spaceshift extension?

I’m going to add documentation about this.

@Empire_Phoenix used classes from sun to create a javafx stage and manged to display it inside a jME3 application. I thought you did the same without the classes from sun but after looking at your code I noticed that you provide a library for including jME3 in javafx. It is the other way and certainly great for building tools. Thank you!

also to add on to that are there examples of how to use your JME JFX lib?

Yes, but I have some ideas about how to adapt the first option to java 9, but I wait for its release.

Is it clear? What else information do I need to add about integration?

ver. 0.9.8
-Added an action to reset particle emitters.
-Updated toneg0d.emitter to 2.2.2, updated the integration with this lib.
-Updated UI.
-Added an action ‘Pause’ to animation nodes, added information about animation length.
-Started to use new extension library to integrate custom classes with the editor: https://github.com/JavaSaBr/jme3-spaceshift-extension
-Fixed some bugs.

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@nehon I’m thinking about what can I do to this editor to make it like a recommended editor for jME3? :slight_smile:
Do you have any ideas about this? :slight_smile: