Editor: jMonkeyBuilder

Thanks @javasabr and @EsKophan . It is really cool. Appreciate you ! :grinning:


Just something completely unrelated seeing your shader code.
#imports” are resolved even if inside a “#ifdef” preproc directive, even if the condition is not met.

This shader based on shader of ShaderBlow :smile:

Updated the first post.

ver. 0.5.2
-Implemented the autocomplete for type of material in material creator.
-Fixed the problems with focus in dialogs of editor.
-Added the animation of loading for editors.
ver. 0.5.0
-Fixed the exception with LwjglWindow on Windows;
-Implemented the camera like camera of Blender.
-Fixed the text input.
-Implemented the hotkey ‘delete’ to delete files in tree.
-Implemented the manipulators in Model Editor.
-Updated the action for generating tangents.
-Changed rotation property of model to Euler in Model Editor.



Nice. Btw. I noticed the different language, does the editor come in english as well?

The editor uses russian language in RU locale, but it uses english language in other locale.

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The editor is bilingual (as @javasabr said) but, I guess, if someone wants to translate it in different languages, we’ll appreciate that.

I see that the build for Windows is necessary to nobody :slight_smile:

The windows x64 gives me a “no found” page :smile:

Yeah … for Windows … nothing found … :sob:

Updated the first post.

ver. 0.6.0
-Implemented undo-redo(ctrl+z/ctrl+y) in Material Editor and Model Editor.


Thanks for new update.
Any plan to add animation options for animated models?

Now I will return to develop my game SpaceShift. But I think, I will return to editor in future, because I need to implement Scene Editor for my Modeller, but this isn’t a major feature at now.

Fantastic work. I would have called it the “From Russia with Love” editor.


Congratulations. Great job on the Editor.

And I wish you every success with your up-coming game.

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Do you have any problems with downloading windows version?

This might be useful. It’s from a swing app that I have been working on. PublicCloneable is basically Cloneable but it forces clone() to be public. If you use it, please make sure that credit is provided in source and preferably in a help → about or something like that :).

import src.john01dav..util.PublicCloneable;

import java.util.ArrayList;

public class UndoManager<T extends PublicCloneable>{
    private ArrayList<T> undos;
    private int currentIndex;

    public UndoManager(){
        undos = new ArrayList<>();
        currentIndex = -1;

    public void makeChange(T newT){
        if(currentIndex != (undos.size() - 1)){
            undos.subList(currentIndex + 1, undos.size()).clear();

        undos.add((T) newT.clone());

    public T undo(){
            return (T) undos.get(--currentIndex).clone();
        }catch(ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException e){
            throw new IllegalStateException("No more items to undo.", e);

    public T redo(){

        if(currentIndex >= undos.size()){
            throw new IllegalStateException("No more items to redo");

        return (T) undos.get(currentIndex).clone();

    public void clear(){
        currentIndex = -1;


Updated the first post.

ver. 0.6.1
-Fixed the missing of tangents in models in Material Editor.
-Added the option of gamma correction and option of ToneMapFilter to Graphics Settings.
-Fixed the problems with sticking cursor while rotating camera of editor.

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I implemented undo-redo in my Editor.
Example of Manager:

Example of undoable operation.

Updated the first post
ver. 0.6.2
-Fixed the problems with mouse events.