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[Editor] - Sandbox

Project name: Sandbox

Game type:  Editor

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License:  BSD

Recruiting: YES





  • Interface
  • Project System (works similar to a mod manager)
  • Mapspinner included (but broken :’()


    -Mapspinner texture is invisible

    -Bloom has strange behavior inside Sandbox. Suppose a problem of canvas. Inside Main fine.

    -Main cannot be started inside Sandbox. RuntimeError. Extern start with eclipse works


    What is Sandbox?

    A Editor, which helps you to create a game

    What are the benefits of Sandbox?

    Mapspinner is included, but this is lanmower achievement.

    Sandbox is not only an interface to use mapspinner, it also included a simple and usefull data structure, which can be used like a plugin manager.

    Meaning, you can give your friend the project directory and he can fully use your work.

    Because of this, I want to add JGN, so that you can share your projects and maybe work synchron with Sandbox.

    Isn’t Sandbox somehow a game?

    No, sandbox posses no gaming code, so you are free to programm any game you like.

    Sandbox offers you commands which makes the loading of maps and objects much more easier.

    I will add some game examples from my other project Fairytale, to see how things inside sandbox work and leave the rest to you dearest reader :wink:

    Used API’s:

  • jME2


  • JGN

  • FenGUI

  • Mapspinner(lanmower)

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noticed the broken need help?

Yes, thanks for the offer.The problem is, I can't tell, if it's still not working^^.

At the moment I'm rebuilding sandbox. Minor changes and other stuff :wink:

As soon I finished this rebuild, I will contact you. Mapspinner has also developed, so I can't tell, if I get the same errors again.

maybe sandbox will give me the kick-in-the-arse that I need to finish the new mapspinner editing code.

I've been so uninspired its unbelievable, not to mention that my work is now eating up my work time, free time, online time, coding time and time I get to spend with my wife, which sucks since I dont really make more money now.

Hope I can soon release v0.6^^

I take my time with this version, because v0.6 should work! :wink: