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Hi @RiccardoBlb
I am trying to test out this library using Maven via jitpack but I am running into some issues. I see there is a dependency on api “effekseer:effekseer-native:81957c3” in the parent pom, but this will not resolve. Not sure what that problem is.

If I remove that dependency, then I can compile the sample code, but I get an error: UnsatisfiedLinkError: The required native library ‘EffekseerNativeForJava’

Do I need to include EffekseerForMultiLanguages? I am guessing that is the missing dependency but it does not appear to be working via jitlab

Hi, the library is hosted on github package registry:

The gradle snippet included in the library page handles the authorization to github package registry automatically.

For maven you are going to need to create an access token manually, see the github documentation here or a tl;dr here.

Alternatively you can download the jars from their respective registry pages.

The problem you are having with jitpack is probably that it can’t build the native side of the library (that are the official effkseer bindings) because it is not a gradle or maven project.

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Thanks! I guess using jitlab was my mistake. I was about to try to clone/build EffekseerForMultiLanguages. Glad I did not need to do that. Got it working. Great project!

One more question. Does this work with effekseer 1.7? Seems to be unable to load effects from the 1.7 samples. Does this library support .efkpkg or will it in the future?

I am not actively following the effekseer developments, this library should work find with the editor up to 1.62 that supports only efkefc files afaik.

If you want to experiment with it, since most of the work is done by the EffekseerForMultiLanguages, anyway, it should just be a matter of updating that with the current release and adding efkpkg to the asset loader (assuming EffekseerForMultiLanguages’s jni bindings compile without issues, that wasn’t always the case in the past).

I will look into updating it as some point.

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