Egl config change keeping the current activity

Hello all,
I am using android harness to render a scene in android. I am using eglconfig best_transluscent to render keeping the alpha on so the scene would be rendered for augmented reality, but when i want to switch to non augmented reality mode its better to use eglconfig fastest. is there a way to do it without restarting the activity and only applying the update to the current gl surface?

I’m afraid there isn’t.
The pixel format is set when building the opengl context. So unless you create another context and another view, you cannot do that. And Idk what kind of side effect creating another context would have.

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Thanks for the reply. Well i am using android gui and have several inflated views opened, so restarting would make me loose the current inflated views. But i will restart the activity then and will try to keep the current view state.

you are using 3.0 right?
In 3.1 the android harness is embed into a fragment. i guess it makes it easier to have several views and contexts.

well i tried using jme 3.1 several months ago but since its still in alpha phase i had some issues with it regarding fog and several other things. thanks for the suggestion, i will give it a try again now