El Birth Contrablo/Lexicon, a game I'm making

@rangerplus10 Haha! Yeah, it would be really interesting. Problem is, first we need to get buildings functioning properly!

Now, today I’ve added a feature I’m rather proud of. It’s something I’ve just looked past and not really thought about, but it was really fun to add and it’s fun to mess with. Previously, on the Customize Player screen, you had 3 drop downs, and that was it. No visual representation, no readout of the weapon’s changed stats.

Now, you have 4. The first selects a weapon. The next 3 select attachments for it. Under this is a visual representation showing the gun with your chosen attachments, and below that a readout of the accuracy and rate of fire.

Also, today I’ve added about 4 or 5 new AppStates, and made it so you can (very buggy) quit back to the main menu from gameplay. You can re-customize your gun, change graphics settings, etc. and just reload the game.

Getting super close to the v0.6 release date! I hope to have it out by the end of October, if not sooner. :smiley:

Edit: Forgot to say I’m fixing the last of a few bugs and posting a video tonight!