Elastic joints

Hello everybody,

What is the easiest way of introducing elastic / spring joints into my game? Should I apply required force using engines to sliding joint?

And very important question too. I don’t need any collisions, but will jbullet handle thousands of nodes sparsely connected with each other like a graph with these springs? I have already my own simple physics update loop, and it handles such load. I thought I would use jbullet for some advanced features, so that I would save on coding part.

Dont know about the joints, did you try around with the damping etc. stuff thats there the SixDofJoint is pretty versatile. I don’t know what your “simple physics” system does, but if its tailored for the task it will probably perform better than bullet, which is a general physics implementation that you cannot “scale down” that easily. So I’d just say try it :slight_smile:

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Oh, thank you. I though there was a simple way to have springs. In this case, I will just continue developing game further until I find the need to try jbullet for real (:

On a side note: jme3 is extremely useful for the prototyping phase. Thank you.

Uh, theres nothing missing in the jme3 bullet implementation as opposed to plain jbullet, you can access the jbullet objects directly, if you find anything that isn’t in the jme3 api, tell me and I will add it. But note that when I move the physics to native bullet the jbullet classes will naturally not be there anymore, so… just tell me :wink:

Edit: Oops, I think I got you wrong there, thought you wanted to use jbullet directly instead of the jme3 api for it ^^

Yeah, I meant jme3 api for jbullet of course (: