"Electron" - Mini Ludum Dare #49

Hi there, me again,

So I did ANOTHER game this weekend. Some of you might find it amusing and some not.
Please have a look and if possible try it.
I did this in less than 8 hours.
It is still very rough and some polishing is needed!

A link to the entry can be found here: Electron download

Some eye candy:


Man, I am really sad today, because no one even saw this page.
I would really love to here from someone who have some small interest in my game.
Please try it and give some feed back.

Thanks and enjoy!


Dude, this is really fun; looks great, and it’s a nice casual game… You should really consider porting it to Android, could be successful. Cheers!

It’s a very nice game :smiley: . It’s simple but fun and addictive. My high score so far is 126 8)

Wow, thanks for all the feed back.
Yeah, I think I have to get this onto android as soon as possible.
It might be a seller… LOL

My highscore so far is 225! :mrgreen: