Eliptical movement and CurveController


I am a JME newbie and I am trying to make a little sphere to "orbit" a bigger one in a following a circular/elipse motion. My approach was to use a CurveController built with a BeizerCurve. However, the result does not really get very close to a circle or elipse but it rather looks like a "water drop" outline.

Maybe the CurveController approach is not what should go after. Is there another way i should be considering? Why can

A bit of more research on Bezier curves and voila! I have perfect circles using four Beizer curves and putting them together. Something like this could be a good start for circular paths and have objects to follow them using a CurveController.

Just in case someone else finds it useful:

    private BezierCurve getCircularBeizerCurve(String curveName, int radius) {

        Vector3f[] points = new Vector3f[13];

        points[0] = new Vector3f(-radius, 0, 0);

        points[1] = new Vector3f(-radius, radius/2, 0);

        points[2] = new Vector3f(-radius/2, radius, 0);

        points[3] = new Vector3f(0, radius, 0);

        points[4] = new Vector3f(radius/2, radius, 0);

        points[5] = new Vector3f(radius, radius/2, 0);

        points[6] = new Vector3f(radius, 0, 0);

        points[7] = new Vector3f(radius, -radius/2, 0);

        points[8] = new Vector3f(radius/2, -radius, 0);

        points[9] = new Vector3f(0, -radius, 0);

        points[10] = new Vector3f(-radius/2, -radius, 0);

        points[11] = new Vector3f(-radius, -radius/2, 0);

        points[12] = new Vector3f(-radius, 0, 0);

        return new BezierCurve(curveName, points);