Embedding a web browser in jME?

I have a need to embed a web browser in a jME scene graph as exemplified what is done in the Second Life

You can use JMEDesktop with a text area, but that only supports limited HTML, probably not what you want.

I don’t know if jME is capable of rendering arbitrary Swing in it, but if it is, you can use Cobra http://html.xamjwg.org/cobra.jsp as your browser.

yes, it is capable of rendering arbitrary Swing.

Thanks! I looked at that and it isn't a production quality renderer (yet)! Having spent over 2 weeks on this issue, I'm now looking at what has been done in Second Life, and work on something similar for jME.


I also need to embed a web browser to JME. I think someone has done this by now. Please reply if you have done it.

maybe you can check if project wonderland is doing something similar.

The easiest way to do this is to just exec an existing standalone browser.  The problem with this is, it doesn't work with  real full-screen mode, at least in some cases (the browser will open up underneath the app window).

Lobo doesn't support network app distribution.  I am sorry for have wasted so much time on Lobo before learning that.

I went with Flying Saucer.  This does require a good amount of integration work.  It doesn't come with a ready-to-run-browser suitable for embedded use, like Lobo does.

If you use JMEDesktop, expect to spend time working around focus and input issues.