Embedding SimpleGame into a frame

hi folks.

I want to learn if it is possible to embed a SimpleGame application into a Swing Frame.

I know that SimpleGame gives a default display system and default handlers, I don't want to create my own display system and inputs since they are enough for me which the SimpleGame supplies.

I also know there exists SimpleHeadlessApp, which is useful in embedding. But before getting into that, any ideas on how to embed SimpleGame applications? (My classes extend SimpleGame, I don't want to spend time on SimpleHeadlessApp again).

The other reason I dont want to use SimpleHeadlessApp, it doesn't support wireframe status and doesnt show normals by default.

Thanks for answers.

Have you tried JMECanvas and SimpleCanvasImpl?

yeah, I also looked at your code (JMESwingTest) carefully, but the class MyImplementor is kinda too primitive. I have to add some keyboard inputs, camera, enable wireframe mode etc. which is a quite tiring job.

That's why I ask if I can simply extend SimpleGame with a subclass and embed it.

You can use StandardGame now and simply add a DebugGameState (provides nearly all the functionality of SimpleGame) now if you set it to run for a Canvas.  See this thread:


thanks for help, I will try that.