Enabeling antialiasing

I've spent som time trying to figure out how to enable antialiasing in my project. Some forumposts suggest setting the DisplaySystem.getDisplaySystem().setMinSamples(X); but I have had no luck…

Is there an easy way to enable antialiasing on SimpleGame or SimplePassGame? This is probably just an OpenGL setting which has to be passed on.

The ultimate solution would have been to get antialiasing options in the default config at startup

For now I just force on 8x antialiasing in my Nvidia Control panel which makes my project look great!  :smiley:

hey there,

do you set the minSamples before the display is created and opened?

I don't know…

if you use StandardGame, standardGame.start() is the method call that creates the display. you have to set the minSamples before that, or even better by using PreferencesGameSettings that is passed to StandardGame.

if you use SimpleGame or subclasses, it has to look like that:

    TestSimpleGame app = new TestSimpleGame();
    app.samples = 1;

note that i set the samples before app.start()

Got it! :slight_smile: