Enabled Body not Tagged

We are working with jME Physics 2 and have a very random probhlem:

From time to time "Enabled Body not Tagged" pops up and crashes our application.

What exactly is a tagged body and has anybody seen this exception before?

:? no never seen this and I don't know what could be meant. You will need to ask on the ODE mailing list. Please report back here afterwards, if it could be caused by jME Physics 2.

I will do that in the course of the week.

We have a presentation on Wednesday and after that I have time for it.

I will definitely report back.

And thanks for the awesome work jmephysics.

Asides from this problem it's running very smooth.

We fixed it!!

talyn stumbled upon something.

Actually, it was a combination of bad things.

Our application is multithreaded.

Heavyly multithreaded.

So what happened was that under certain curcumstances the adding of a new PhysicsNode could happen at the same time as the update to the PhysicsSpace.

Reordered the whole thing and no more ODE error.


Nasty nasty threads :stuck_out_tongue:

Good to hear you have solved it.