Enabling Popup and Source Code Browsing in Netbeans


perhaps I am too stupid but I don’t figure out how to add the generated javadocs and sources to a Netbeans Wrapper Module.

I develop in my own Netbeans IDE.

I have got a Suite S, a Module M and a Wrapper Module W. The Wrapper module wrapps the jars generated from the svn checkout of jmonkey. My Module M depends on W and M is of course part of the suite S. I already generated the javadoc in the directory of the svn checkout. But there are only directories, no zipped jar. I tried to follow the instruction on the JME homepage but don’t come along. Please, if someone know how to include sources and javadoc to a netbeans module, help.

Thanks a lot.



Tools->Libraries->Add New->Specify jars & Javadoc