Endless terrain questions

I am a few questions on endless terrain (or as the tutorial calls it “Infinite Terrain”)

  1. Is the terrain actually endless?
  2. If you can’t input some float array, and it has to be an image, is there something I can do to turn a float array into an image?
  1. of course not (hence the quotes), you are limited by float precision. But it can be very large.
  2. There are other ways to create the base-terrain heights. We are working on adding it to the editor and you will be able to have a default bumpiness generated with fractals, and be able to edit the terrain with the height tools.

    Sit tight for a few weeks while we work on it and then it should be good to use. We will of course make an announcement when it is ready and provide a tutorial.

Ok thanks, is there some way that I can use a float array to generate the base terrain? If I generate it from a sound fractal would it end up the same every time? Or would it generate a different fractal each time?

Take a look at TerrainFractalGridTest.

It uses the FractalTileLoader to generate seamed terrain heightmaps.