Engine glow, nebulas


i'm pretty new to 3d programming and i'm trying to learn how to achieve nice (no x3 but something like freelancer) space graphics. now i'm wondering how one could make that engine glow effect with jme: http://blog.piry.net/ale_mele/altele/freelancer8.jpg.

I have also no idea how i would go about making a nebula (like in freelancer).

unfortunately i wasn't too successful in searching for those informations.

can anyone explain that that or point me to some tutorial/book etc?

look at the bloom test

thx. I already tried the bloom pass but it can't be used for something like this because the bloom texture is always rendered on top. actually i have no idea for what it could be useful since in most cases you wouldn't wanna have that bloom on top of everything else…

Also, particles with additive effects could achieve the engine effect you see here. Check Renanse Particle Editor http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/webstart/jmedemo.php?effects.RenParticleEditor

i'll play around with that, thx.

so how about nebulae? i guess if it's very far a texture is enough and the more i'm inside the nebula the more i increase fog? but how do i make it look different from different angles?

Perhaps more particles 

particles would work well…but also bloom, if you use it as a fullscreen effect(setusecurrentscene = true) it will bloom the light parts rendered in the frame, which would nicely bloom out your engine thingy if you render it bright