Enless terrain example not working


I tried to use the endless terrain example, but the compiler tells me that

[java]TerrainLodControl control = new TerrainLodControl(this.terrain, getCamera());

control.setLodCalculator( new DistanceLodCalculator(65, 2.7f) ); // patch size, and a multiplier



is not possible because control doesn’t have a method setLodCalculator(…);

works fine for me, update to nightly, oh wait…

Yup, works for me too, and the builds have been passing; they would have died on a compile error. Are you sure you have the latest version? (ie. no alpha 4 but from svn or a nightly)

yeh he tried :smiley:


very funny -.-

By the way, my update is working again :slight_smile: Well, guess I have to play around a little…