Entity is slow

Hi all,

I managed to make use of the entity thing in jME, its great, just one thing. Its slow. I am having to get some values of a propertie in the entity every frame. That is slow. More specifically, Properties is slow.

I think that if we change Properties to HashMap, it will be faster.

What do you think?


I know this topic is old but i like it, and i want some responses do it. I'm trying to design my game framework and i'm wondering whether properties should be a Properties, Hashtable or HashMap object and i don't know. Also I'm wondering if defining a class with all its accessors for each set of different information is better. would it be less memory usage, i think it would be less cpu usage. 1.) I know this is the brute force dirty approach and that it takes a lot longer to develop, but i'm wondering if maybe i should, because it would have significant performance difference.

Hashtables are awesome, they are like the dynamic record.

Event Handlers are awesome too because they are so versatile.

My question about these too is:

2.) Are they really worth it?

3.) It seems like they would be slow and take a lot of memory, is that true?

4.) Another question, the reason objects are so bad in java is because of the garbage collector right?