Error: Blender to Ogre3D Export

Hello everyone! I am very new to everything on this website, and I am having an error that I cannot seem to solve.

Whenever I try to export a 3D model of a cup I made (using this video: ), it gives me the following error:

I followed the video exactly. I would like to point out that I am using the up-to-date Blender to Ogre files that are found under the “Tools” drop-bar in the JME SDK 3.0 for (v2.63+). I have exported other files successfully, but nothing as complicated as this… cup.

If it helps, this exports without an error when using the Wavefront (.obj and .mtl) export.

EDIT: The problem is definitely with the cup itself. I can export without the cup (just 2 planes), and I still can’t export the cup after deleting the material (so it isn’t the material).

that’s hard to say what’s broken, maybe try to apply all the modifiers on the model.

If the issue persist I’m afraid you’ll have to post in this thread on ogre forum

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Wow, very nice! I deleted my subdivision surface modifier, and it exported! Thanks a bunch. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look nearly as pretty, but at least I can use it.

Edit: Applying it allows me to export it as well. I didn’t know you had to apply them for it to export. I guess I have a bit of learning to do, thanks again.

Just in case you didn’t see it this page has some tips and tricks for working with blender and jME:

You’ll have to be pretty picky when modelling in blender to know what transfers to other engines (like jME). But basically this advice is pretty good “Game-compatible models are models that basically only consist of a mesh and UV-mapped textures, in some cases animations.”