Error creating new project


Im begining to study the Jmonkey Engine.

Ive downloaded the file jME3_SDK_Alpha-3-windows.exe and executed.

It started without problem.

But when i create a new project it doesnt shows the project created, but create the folders.

I try to open the project importing but it doenst open.

Thxs a lot!

What OS, CPU, GPU? Can you see the welcome screen? Do you have a JDK installed on your computer? If you have more than one JDK, it might be you have to specify its path in the etc/jmonkeyplatform.conf file.


Thxs for the fast help.

OS Windows 7

CPU 2.93Ghz

GPU: ???

I have a jdk yes

when i try to import the projects that the jmonkey creates it says unrecognized project;missing plugin in the field project name.

Im using only JMonkeyplataform alpha3.

Do i need to download Netbeans too???


No, jMP is a standalone application. It sounds like it cannot create the project properly… Can you create the jMETests project?

I couldnt.

But i reinstalled and its working now. I dont know why.

Thxs a lot :slight_smile:

-.- windows is giving me pimples and I stopped using it long ago :confused:

I’m having the exact same issue.

I’m running Win 7 x64 on an i7 870 and a GTX 580 with the latest drivers installed, any suggestions? o_O

Got it, i had to manually search for Updates and restart the SDK about 5 times, now it’s working